Saturday, 20 February 2010

LAVATORY LOVESTORY- Konstantin Bronzit

I already uploaded one film by Konstantin Bronzit so if you have time, check out both of them. "Lavatory lovestory" was nominated for Academy Award in 2009. . Even though it's quite simple, the power of this short is hard to miss. Enjoy!


  1. I have liked all of Bronzit's work to date, some more than other but all have been interesting and thought provoking. I also love animators that constantly change the style of animation as Bronzit does.
    This had no chance of winning an Oscar, whether in 2009 or any other weak year (actually released in 2006 and started a strong festival circuit late), but it is always a short I will treasure because of it's cute and somewhat inspiring story of love.

  2. I like every single second of this one :)
    Bronzit knows where the magic is hidden :)

    Thanks for following/ posting :)!

  3. Hi! Nice collection you've got here.

    I think you should see Michel Gagne's Prelude to Eden. I saw it on tv when I was about 15 years old in Locomotion, and then it became Animax and i couldn't track that short film anymore. I looked for it 5 years and shed a tear when I found it. I think it's just great.
    Here's the link:

    And if you do a little searck in YouTube you'll find a lot of films of Jan Svankmajer, a total genius. And of course, you'll find a lot of amazing animated shorts and films.

    Last but not least (and with no spaming intentions at all hehe), if you like animation and cinema, I suggest you to create an account in The Auteurs (
    They have a great films database.


  4. Ah thanks :)!
    You are not spamming, you are doing exactly what I wanted to achieve with this blog!
    Thanks a lot for your suggestions!
    I have posted one movie made by Svankmajer but I might upload some more.
    I'm gonna check out the video you suggested and The Auteurs later today.
    My intention was to find people interested in animation from all over the world and exchange our passion for movies, so- yes, thank you :)