Thursday, 19 November 2009

EVERY CHILD- Derek Lamb, Eugene Fedorenko

To commemorate the declaration of the UNICEF about the rights about the child, this film illustrates the theme "Every child has the right for a name and nationality when born." There is even a reminder at the end of the film for the viewer to support UNICEF.
This animated short tells the story of a child rejected of every home, then found by two tramps who give her love and tenderness.
This is a film without words, incorporating sounds by Les Mîmes Électriques (The Electric Mimes).
In 1980 Derek Lamb won an Oscar for Best Short Film, Animated at the Academy Awards, USA


  1. Very nice....
    Thanks for posting...
    Eagerly waiting for more...

  2. I love it so much :)! Check out the new one, so creepy but glorious :) And when I say the new one, I mean "The Rabbit" :)